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Danielle Loonan, CCS

Danielle is originally from Ontario, Canada where she was born and raised. In May 2011, she moved to Lawrenceville, New Jersey where she currently resides with her husband. Although she misses Canada, she is really enjoying living in New Jersey. Danielle has two dogs and a horse. Claire is a 5 year old Border Collie who she brought with her when she moved from Canada. Claire loves playing Frisbee and going on car rides. Milo is a Chihuahua/Whippet mix who is almost a year old. She adopted him from Almost Home for Dogs Rescue. Milo loves to play with Claire and has been a great addition to Danielle's family. Dezzy is her Standardbred, an ex-racehorse who is now retired and enjoying life in New Jersey.

Outside of work, Danielle likes to spend time with her husband, Peter, and their dogs. She is very artistically motivated and dedicates a lot of time to photography, painting and drawing. To keep active, she enjoys riding her bike, hiking, and exercising her horse. She also spends a lot of time gardening in her back yard.

At Lawrence Animal Hospital, Danielle interacts with clients on a daily basis by greeting them and checking them in and out when they bring their pets to visit. When clients call the hospital, she helps them with scheduling their appointments, answering any questions they may have over the phone, and assisting them communicating any concerns that they may have with their veterinarian. She is the social media contact for the hospital, so she keeps clients up to date on happenings and events through the hospital's Facebook page and Twitter account.

"I really enjoy interacting with our clients, helping them provide the best veterinary care possible for their pets. I also enjoy getting to work with all of the staff at the hospital, we are like one big family and I feel so lucky to be a part of it"

Angie Linton, Head CCS

Angie has been living in Lawrenceville, New Jersey for 10 years. Before that she lived in Plainfield, where she was born and raised. Angie has a cat and a dog at home. Her dog’s name is Prince, a 5 year old Yorkshire Terrier, who she has dubbed "my little love muffin." Her cat, Bailee, is a "very loving" orange tabby domestic short hair. According to Angie, they are both extremely spoiled and happy babies.

When not at work, Angie enjoys reading, texting, hanging out with her friends and just having a good time. She is currently attending nursing school. It is a very demanding program that she really enjoys being involved with and she spends a lot of time studying for her classes. She loves baking and spends a lot of time in her kitchen. She also enjoys going out to restaurants and travelling.

As head receptionist at the hospital, Angie enjoys putting smiles on clients’ faces. Her job requires a large amount of multitasking—filing paperwork, checking clients in and out, and occasionally assisting Dr. Mediate and Dr. Collins.

"I really love how we operate more like a family instead of a factory. We share a wonderful connection between the clients and the staff at the hospital giving it more of a family feel while still being professional and organized. I like building lasting relationships with our clients making their experience more personalized, and making sure that when they leave they do so with a smile on their face."

Keith Stephan, Veterinary Technician

Keith grew up in Pennington, New Jersey where he lived in a 5-acre country-side home. He currently owns his own home in Hamilton and is a happily married man. Keith has a Shih-Tzu named Cassie (aka Ewok), who loves her toy lamby. He has a Yorkshire Terrier named Lola (aka Lola Rose), who has no toys because Cassie steals them all! He also has a kitty named Anya (aka Anyanka), who gets chased all over the house, so she is always in hiding.

Outside of work, Keith is a huge movie and music person, so he is always listening to music and trying to go to concerts whenever he can. He is always watching movies at home and loves to go to the theater. Going out to eat is always a nice treat but he is very busy at home now that he owns his own house. In his spare time, he loves shopping, too!

Keith has been a veterinary technician for almost 12 years now. He performs a multitude of tasks at work that involve interacting with clients and their pets. Aside from being a technician, he is also known as Mr. Fix-It around the hospital.

"Lawrence has always been a friendly working environment for me. A good practice needs staff that works well as a team together, which we are fortunate to have here at Lawrence Animal Hospital. I enjoy getting to know and help the many different animals that come in to our practice, as well as the friendly clientele we get to see on a daily basis. Our hospital is a fun place to work because there is never a dull moment. Throughout each day, there are always so many different things going that it keeps things exciting and interesting."

Crystal Litzenberger, Head Veterinary Technician

Crystal was born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey. She moved to Robbinsville in February 2012 where she currently reside. Crystal has two cats, Ross and Stellar. They are both rescues from her first job at a smaller animal hospital in Edgewater. They are both about 9 years old and they love to eat! They really enjoy waking her up at dawn.

Crystal loves to go camping and hiking because she really enjoys the outdoors. In her spare time, she also crochets, bakes, watches documentaries on various topics, and plays her bass guitar. She is currently in school studying for her Certified Veterinary Technician license which tends to keep her pretty busy.

At the hospital, Crystal is the head technician. She is very involved in the care of our patients when they come to visit. She works with our veterinarians to provide the best possible care for our clients and their pets through educating the owners and providing treatment for the pets.

"I really enjoy working at the hospital because I get to interact with so many different clients and their pets. I find helping the pets get the best care possible very fulfilling. I enjoy the fact that we are a smaller hospital which allows us to give our clients a more personalized experience spending one on one time with them during their appointments. I also feel very fortunate to get to work with such compassionate and caring co-workers."

Saira Dar, CCS

Saira lives in West Windsor, New Jersey where she spends most of her time at Franklin & Marshall College. She is a senior studying animal behavior. Her goal is to attend veterinary school after she earns her undergraduate degree. Saira has two pets at home. Dakota is her 11 year old Sheltie. He still acts like he is a puppy even though he is a senior and is very loveable. She also has Caddy, an amazing stray cat who showed up in her back yard one day. She is the reason why Saira found Lawrence Animal Hospital.

When she is not working at the hospital, Saira loves spending her time running, hiking and camping. She tries to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. People can usually find her spending time at the barn where she is either riding or working, helping them with the daily chores as well as acting as an instructor for their equestrian summer camp.

Saira enjoys working at the hospital and is eager to gain as much experience as possible in order to prepare herself for vet school. She helps out at the front desk by scheduling appointments and answering the phone. She also spends time shadowing the vets and learning the technical side of working in a veterinary hospital, picking up skills that she will need for her upcoming studies.

"I really enjoy getting to work with the clients, their animals and of course my co-workers. I love that I get to learn something new every day and experience a lot of different medical procedures. I find satisfaction in helping our clients provide care for the animals that they love."

Kathy Parascandolo

Kathy was born in Brooklyn, New York where she lived for 13 years. Her family moved to Florida for 10 years and just recently moved back north to Jamesburg, New Jersey where they currently live. Kathy has two small dogs. Ginger is her 2 year old Maltese-Pomeranian mix who loves to play with her toys all day, and really loves playing with her ball the most. Coco is a 1 year old Maltese-Yorkshire Terrier mix who loves to eat, sleep and steal Ginger’s toys away from her whenever she’s trying to play with them.

Outside of work, Kathy loves spending time with her family. She has a very close family and they get together as often as possible. She also enjoys traveling, shopping, listening to music and just having a good time with Her friends and family. Her future goal is to become a Certified Veterinary Technician so she spends a lot of time studying and learning everything she can to attain that goal.

At the hospital, Kathy loves caring for the animals. She assists with every aspect of patient care, from administering vaccines to sending out the lab work. She helps with everything that goes on at the hospital. She enjoys educating clients on how to provide the best care possible for their pets, and she finds fulfillment in watching clients leave happy with their healthy pets.

"I enjoy getting to work at Lawrence Animal Hospital because it is such a friendly and welcoming work environment. I started working here in April and am very happy with my decision to join the team. It is so nice to get to work with a group of people that are so close, who are always so willing to help each other out when needed. We have such great patients and clients; it is always a pleasure to get to interact with them each day."